Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mayberry or Pierre: Who will be the Phillies steady starting left fielder

Jobs aren't all that easy to find in the real world recently, the same is true on a major league team like the Phillies. There are a lot of people clamoring to get a starters position, especially in left field. We've seen this young season have an audition between John Mayberry, Jr. and Juan Pierre and the winner of this 'tryout' is going to be getting a steady job.

I don't think the Phillies are going to keep alternating these two players the whole season. If Mayberry is going to play everyday in the MLB, he's got to step up his game. Relax at the plate and just have a nice easy swing, sometimes he looks too tentative and particular up there when he is batting.

Pierre on the other hand is the seasoned vet, he's been there before and he knows how to make things happen. So why has Charlie Manuel and the Phillies chose to keep alternating these two players?

It may be to give Mayberry Jr. his chance to play everyday or will he just eventually fade into the minor leagues again. When this audition is over, Mayberry's chance to become a starter for the Phillies may also be gone, if he can't win it. This is why he needs to take advantage of every start he gets out in left field and almost play the game like it may be his last.

Mayberry's numbers so far:

Juan Pierre's numbers so far:

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