Saturday, April 28, 2012

Halladay loses second in a row

Roy Halladay
Roy Halladay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After bursting into 2012 with 3 wins in a row, Roy Halladay has settled back with two losses in a row against teams that the Phillies should have had no trouble beating. Maybe that statement needs to be revised to, teams last year the Phillies should have no trouble beating. This is still a brand new season with only a couple more days left in April, but the signs aren't very good.

The Phillies are the second highest paid team in baseball, with that there should be expectations that they will do better. Certainly the expectations haven't been met, even with injuries that the Phillies have suffered, they still should be playing better than this.

Hunter Pence
Hunter Pence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Players that usually don't take much of the limelight on a team are the backup players, this year those players would be Laynce Nix and Ty Wigginton and they have tried to fulfill their roles within this ballclub this year. No one expected these players to suddenly become all-stars so we have to look elsewhere to see where the problems are with this team and what to do about it.

The core of players that should be doing better collectively then should be Rollins, Polanco, Victorino, and Pence. There has been much talk about having Hunter Pence carry the load for the offense on this team, but he isn't able to do that. Yes, he has his moments, but he isn't capable of carrying a team on his back. This group needs to get clicking together offensively, or this year's Phillies team is going to fizzle early and bad.

Pence has to learn that making a diving catch or letting it roll to the fence has some serious consequences, he's tried to dive for two balls that he would have never been able to get to in a week now, and this just doesn't look good when the runner is ending up on third base and runs score because of it.

It's game two of the series with the Cubs tonight, the boo birds in the stands aren't that vocal yet with the Phils, but with much more play like we've seen from the Phils in the last week, we'll be hearing a lot of fans vocalizing their displeasure with this team real soon.

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