Friday, March 02, 2012

Phils, Yankees to kick off Grapefruit League on Saturday at 1:05 PM

Red Sox Nation can't wait to get a piece of the Yankees in '12

They are the two top salaried teams in baseball last year, and on Saturday they will meet at Bright House Field in Clearwater, to kick off the 2012 Grapefruit League.

The Yankees train right up the road from the Phillies in Tampa, and own the title for the highest paying team in baseball. Last year, the Yankees payroll was over $202M, with the lion's share of $32M going to one player, Alex Rodriguez, for the 2011 season. This according to USA Today MLB salaries by team.

Bill Giles and the group that bought the entire Phillies team, only paid $30M for the Phillies franchise in 1981. At the time, that was a lot of money, now the Phillies are valued at over $600M by some accounts.

Like the Phillies last year who lost to the Cardinals in Game 5, the Yankees lost in their division series in a Game 5 vs. the Detroit Tigers. The Yankees had 97 wins in the regular season last year. In 2010, the Yankees lost in the ALCS, by a series score of 4-2, against the Texas Rangers.

The Yankees have a new foe this year in the AL East, Bobby Valentine, and the Red Sox. Valentine is already stirring up the rivalry between the Sox and the Yankees. Some say he is obsessed with beating the Yankees this year.

Yes, it's Phillies baseball on Saturday. We've been waiting all winter for this, and on Saturday the first step to the regular season will take place.

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