Monday, March 19, 2012

It's only Spring Training...

 Jimmy Rollins gives his impression of this Spring Training

Every year at this point in the Spring Training season, fans that follow the team start to get concerned when the Phillies don't do as well as you think they should. Injuries also start to surface when the players return to the diamond to get tuned up for the upcoming season.

 Keep in mind though, that the first couple weeks of Spring Training are comprised of a lot of players who won't make the team, and they are getting some work in to see what they can do. If you are one of those players who are out to impress, now is the time to do it. More than often though, a player is just trying to settle into this new Major League experience if they are from the minors and the impressing doesn't always happen.

 The Phillies are starting to show some of their age now in this Spring Training, this core team has been together for a long time now and the emphasis this year hasn't been 'the four aces', or gushing over the best rotation ever, and has shifted to a more rational level, especially when you're talking about the injuries that a few key Phillies players have.

We'll see what happens on April 5th, when the Phillies open their 2012 season in Pittsburgh.

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