Tuesday, March 13, 2012

100+ wins or Postseason success, a dilemma

 The new Phillies season wins mark is 102

The Phillies could be on their way to another awesome season in 2012. Last year, the team eclipsed the long record of most wins in a season that was done back in the mid-1970’s.

What is better? Obviously, winning the World Series would be best, but when thinking about what happened last year, winning 100 games in a season just doesn’t happen that much in Philly or any other major league city for that matter.


New season wins record set in 2011 for Phillies

In 2011, the Phillies were the only team to win 100 or more games in baseball and set the new record for most wins in a season for the Phillies at 102.


Most MLB fans in 2011 attending Phillies games

The Phillies attracted the most fans of any major league team in baseball last year for home games with 3,680,718, just edging by the Yankees in total attendance by about 26,000 fans.

In terms of being successful, practically no one can argue that the Phillies weren’t successful last year. When it comes to the postseason, getting to the World Series is a team’s ultimate goal, then winning it would be ideal.

The fact remains, that nothing is guaranteed in a baseball season, not a certain amount of wins, an appearance in the postseason, or how far you’ll go in the playoffs if you make it there.

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