Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Worley and Stutes lead the younger part of the Phillies team in 2012

  Scott Palmer interviews both Worley and Stutes for 2012

It's been said that the Phillies are getting a little bit on the older side for a baseball team. They have a mix or younger and some players now are settling into their 'middle age' of their careers. Two of the Phillies players who lead the youth of what the Phillies will look like for years to come are Michael Stutes and Vance Worley.

These two players shined on their entrance into the big leagues and haven't looked back since. What will they do this year? Worley pitched a 11-3 record last year, and Stutes who made his MLB debut on April 25th 2011, ended up with a 6-2 record coming out of the bullpen last season.

The Phillies kick off the Grapefruit League with a tuneup game against the Florida State, the Phillies won't look too much like the familiar team we are used to seeing as many of the stars will not play on Wednesday afternoon at 1:05pm. Some new additions to the team will make their debuts though. Names like Wigginton and Pierre, now playing on the Phillies? Who would have thought that just a short season ago?







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