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Millions of reasons to like Kyle Kendrick in 2012

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Kendrick gets another year with Phillies in ‘12

He has 43 wins as a Phillies pitcher, and is still under 30 years old, that is what is keeping the Phillies management happy with Kyle Kendrick. Kendrick received a one year $3.59 million dollar deal for 2012.

While it may not be a great deal for Kendrick in terms of length of the contract, he still is getting a chance to go out there and prove his worth to this team or any other that may be watching Kendrick.

Kyle Kendrick burst onto the scene early in his career by finishing 5th for Rookie of the Year. It was 2007 for Kendrick’s first full rookie year, and he had some real competition for the ROY crown, with Ryan Braun finishing first. Hunter Pence, then with the Astros, finished in the 3rd position in the run for ROY.

Kendrick posted a 10-4 record in his first season as a Phillies starter, starting 20 games. In 2008, Kyle started 30 games for the Phillies and the result was a 11-9 record and an ERA that ballooned up to 5.49 on the season. The downslide that started in the middle of the ‘08 season for Kendrick meant that he didn’t make it to the postseason for the playoffs or the World Series with the club either.

The spring of 2009 wasn’t kind to Kyle and he was sent down to the minors before the regular season started for the Phillies. He started 24 games for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in the AAA minors and posted a 9-7 record with a 3.34 ERA on the season. He also was brought up to the Phillies and made the most of it, started 2 games and finishing with a 3-1 record with only being in 9 games and posting a 3.42 ERA.

In 2010, Kendrick got another chance to be a starter with the Phillies. He started 30 games for the Phils, and finished the season with an 11-10 record and a 4.73 ERA. Kendrick had a lot of run support in his starts in 2010 from the offense, his starts for the season were bolstered by a 5.52 average runs per game in his starts.This was also the last time that Kendrick would be making just above league minimum salary at $480K for the year.

In 2011, the Phillies signed Kendrick to a one year deal. Kendrick was only 26 years old, and had piled up quite a few wins for the team, despite the setbacks he faced at various times during his young career. Kendrick adapted to pitching from the bullpen, but the Phillies still feel that he has potential as a starter. For his age, Kendrick is statistically ranked right near a familiar player named Joe Blanton, and some other pitcher’s named John Denny and Kyle Lohse according to

Kyle Kendrick became a millionaire for the 2011 season, he inked a $2.450 million dollar contract that saw him share duties as a starter and reliever. Kyle started 15 games and appeared in a total of 34 games, posting a 8-6 record and a 3.22 ERA for the season.  This stabilization was the motivation for the Phillies brass to want to continue to have the services of Kyle Kendrick.

Kendrick signed a one year $3.59 million dollar deal for 2012 the other day. Being that the average MLB salary overall in 2011 was $3.3 million, this doesn’t seem like a contract that isn’t deserved. I wonder if the Phillies wouldn’t have done better by inking Kendrick to a 2 year deal at $5.5M, but this one year deal continues the Phillies brass faith in Kendrick for one more year.

With a very successful season, Kendrick can again begin to kick start his career, which despite his setbacks, he is still getting paid a lot of money to pitch in the majors. It just seemed like a few years ago that people gasped at Mike Schmidt breaking the $2 million dollar per season mark, which he did in 1982 at age 34. All that said, Schmidt never made more than $2.250 for a season, which was earned his last season in 1989 and his total career earnings weigh in at $17 million total for 18 seasons with the Phillies. Times have changed for sure.

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