Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hamels one year deal is great for him

Cole Hamels
Hamels collects big dividend in 2012 one year deal

The Phillies threw Cole Hamels a nice bone yesterday as they announced a one year, $15 million dollar deal with him. Considering that Cole made $20.5M over the last three seasons from 09-11 in total, you can believe that Hamels is a very happy guy this morning.

Hamels is a good pitcher, but is he a great pitcher? At 28 years old, he is certainly the youngest of the Phillies aces currently on the team. He is also a World Series MVP, from the 2008 World Series. Cole Hamels isn’t on the sure road to the Hall of Fame though yet, and he does have his weaknesses.

The most amount of games that Cole Hamels has ever won in his 6 year career so far is 15 games in 2007. His average record for all years of his career is  14-10 per season.  His average ERA is 3.39 over six years as well.

Hamels doesn’t give up on the mound, he has been seen as improving. He had trouble with keeping his emotions in check in key moments on the mound, you can see his face change and then usually it won’t be long until he is taken out of the game. He’s worked on that, and has gotten a little better but it’s still there.

This year should be interesting to see how Cole pitches, he can write his own check with a great year for his next contract. Has he been awesomely lights out when he pitches for the Phillies? At times he has, and at times he hasn’t. A pitcher that hasn’t won more than 15 games in a season is just that, you can’t read too much more into the fact that Hamels is an extremely good pitcher but is he great? 


  1. Determining anything related to a pitcher based on Wins is idiotic. He isn't responsible for how many runs his team scores, etc. Cole's "real" stats: ERA, WHiP, K's, BB, are all in line with other aces. Granted he's not Doc, or Lefty, but a yearly payout of $20m is in line with what he deserves for a 5-7 year contract.

    1. I like Hamels very much, I even bought his World Series 2008 home jersey. I just don't think he has proven himself as the ace you would want to put 5 years and $100M into.

      Doc is a Hall of Fame caliber pitcher, as was Carlton who is in the Hall. They didn't get that way easily, nor do I think the Phillies should throw $100M at someone like Cole so easily, yes Hamels is decent- and he's only been pitching for 6 seasons. Give me some more before we shell out for a long term contract with him though.

    2. I'm revisiting my own words from last year, let's see... Year one of long term deal: Cole Hamels 8-14 with a .3.60 ERA, Phillies have a terrible year. I am still looking at wins and still not convinced that signing him long term was the right thing to do. Nearly one year later, I think my hypothesis stated above carries much more weight than the Anonymous comment above, don't you?