Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did Scott Boras ruin Ryan Madson’s career?




   Madson will wear the Reds pinstripes in 2012



This was supposed to be the off-season that Ryan Madson took over the reins of the ‘closer’ in Philadelphia. That was well on it’s way to happening a couple of months ago, but something went seriously wrong. A deal was announced and then suddenly it was unannounced and then we learned Madson’s fate would not at all be with the Phillies, with a surprise signing of Jonathan Papelbon which was announced shortly after the collapse of the Madson supposed deal.


A difference in opinion of Phillies GM, Ruben Amaro, and Madson’s agent, Scott Boras, on just what happened with the supposed deal was reported on at today. Amaro said the Phillies talked to Madson’s agent but never had a deal in place for Madson and Boras said that the Phillies offered the deal and just before Madson accepted it, the Phillies reversed course and signed Papelbon from the free agent market.


This doesn’t sound right from either side, and the loser in this deal was Ryan Madson. Did Boras end up on the short end of a deal that had him wanting more for Madson? The off-season was starting to drag on and the position of the Phillies was that they needed someone to fill the closer’s role, but they didn’t want to be held hostage by unreasonable demands from Madson’s agent?


The Phillies and Boras go back a long way, remember JD Drew? Scott Boras was his agent. Is it only coincidence that the only Phillies player in the last three years on this team was Madson who had Boras as an agent (except for Chan Ho Park in 2009 for a year deal)? JD Drew was the Boras client who perhaps started the Phillies most memorable dealing with him.


Time will tell who was right and who was wrong, if Madson has a stellar year this season, he could be in a driver’s seat. It’s important that he was this great year though as he is now on the hot seat. Was it Boras pushing the envelope with the Phillies? Trying to get a piece of the Phillies gravy train? Was it Amaro who was after the Red Sox marquee closer, Papelbon?  We may never know for sure but Madson’s steadiness will be missed by the Phillies this year for sure.

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