Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Chris Jaffe's Hall of Fame predictions now!

Here's a link to Chris Jaffe's picks for the HOF class of 2012, Chris has had a knack for picking this correctly.

Find Chris Jaffe's picks here

The Hall announces who gets inducted next Monday, and since it's that time of the year you might have some interest in the topic (especially w/ former Phillie Dale Murphy among the returning candidates.  Yeah, I know he sucked in Philly, but he did play there and he is on the ballot).  My article doesn't just say will/won't get inducted, but even offers predictions for the exact vote percentage every prominent candidate will get. 

The predictions are based on some analysis and have worked well in the past.  For instance, last year I guessed on 18 candidates, and finished within three percentage points of their actual totals with 14 of them. 

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