Friday, December 09, 2011

Pujols follows $250M money trail to Los Angeles Angels






Albert Pujols is no longer a free agent. He’s signed with the money and the LA Angels. That’s great news for the Phillies as we won’t have to face him very often, and it may be good news for Jimmy Rollins now that the agent that both Pujols and Rollins have, Dan Lozano, he can now get to serious work on Rollins’ contract.


Somehow you knew Pujols would be getting numbers like this, and this blogger this it’s just plain crazy that a team would pay any player that kind of money, especially in the poor economy that a lot of us are facing.


The Angels also threw $77.5M to C.J. Wilson to make it a nice holiday season for him too. Somehow I think baseball is following down the wrong trail with all of these huge contracts.

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