Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Phillies offseason 2011/2012 moves so far

Ty Wigginton hits a fan of a team he used to play for in New York, with a line drive foul ball... how do you Mets fans like him now?

The Phillies offseason moves don’t really compare to the past two seasons, when we’ve seen the greatest push for 4 legitimate aces on one team assembled by the Phillies, only to be ushered out of the playoffs in the first round last season.

Does this team have what it takes to go further into the playoffs? That’s a question that won’t be answered for some time, but with the Phillies acquisitions for the 2012 team, one can only hope that the answer is, Yes.

Let’s take a look at what the Phillies have added to the team so far:

Jonathan Papelbon – (Closer)      4 year $50M deal had some people wondering if that was too much salary for a closer, especially when he’s only pitching a limited amount of innings per season. He pushed Ryan Madson out of the spot, and now Madson seems like he is gone for good from the Phillies.

Jim Thome – (PH and 1st base)   The Phillies desperately need to get ‘younger’ but Jim Thome at 41 years old, is back to add experience and for one season, maybe some playing time at first base. He already has 21 seasons in and currently stands in with 604 HR in the 8th position all-time. Thome needs 5 more HR to tie Sammy Sosa, and 21 HR to tie Ken Griffey Jr. Can he hit 21 HR this year?

Ty Wigginton- (PH and 1st, 2nd or 3rd base)    At 34, Wigginton is a player the Phillies need to have on their team. He’s going to play a lot this year, and I think he’ll make a difference with the team in a positive way this year. He’s bounced around the majors for 10 years, but I’ve always liked the play that I’ve seen from Ty. His nickname is Wiggy.

Laynce Nix- (LF and PH)     The Phillies are adding more players that can PH, I suspect these type of players will play more than some fans realize. Like Wigginton, I like the addition of Nix, hopefully he can lower his strikeouts though, he has quite a few of those last season.

All this talk about home runs with Thome had me searching the HR total last year for the Phillies as a team. The Phillies finished in 8th place in the NL with 153, in 2010, the Phils finished 5th with 166 HR’s.

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