Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Phillies get their spark back with Rollins





It appears to be official. This time, unlike the time with the Madson announcement, it seems like the Phillies will be keeping the guy who has played with the Phils his whole career and is the spark plug of the team. Jimmy Rollins has been patient, he’s dipped his toes into the ocean of free agency and he is again landing home in Philly just in time for the holidays.


Rollins has been one of the players that hasn’t received all of the attention that he deserves. He’s been a NL All Star, MVP, base stealer, and a catalyst of the Phillies offense for years. Nationally, he didn’t garner the immediate appeal to other teams for whatever reason in the free agent market, or a reason that was good enough for him to leave. We’re lucky to have Rolllins on the Phillies team.


Rollins has had a colorful time with the press in previous years, stating “We’re the team to beat.” Was he wrong?


When it comes to shortstops in recent years of Phillies history, you have to think about Larry Bowa, and Bowa spent 12 years in Philly. Bowa didn’t break into the big leagues until the age of 24 but he still holds a lot of Phillies records for the position. One of the records for Phillies shortstops that Bowa holds is that he appeared in 1739 games for the Phillies, a record that Rollins is closing in on as Jimmy is currently at 1636. Rollins may even pass Richie Ashburn, who is in second place in games played with the Phillies at 1794, this season if he gets a full season in for 2012.


Rollins was said to be in the market for a 5 year deal, and the Phillies were offering a deal that was less. A middle ground was found and the deal was done. Making Jimmy a very rich guy, and Phillies fans everywhere a little more happy in the holiday season time that he is back.


Read more about what Jimmy Rollins had to say about his new contract to the MLB’s Todd Zolecki here.

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