Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Phillies gamble with Willis at bargain price

Willis cuts up with Ryan Howard in this video, and doesn't look anxious at all. Now he's a teammate of Howard apparently with the report that the Phillies have signed him.

What’s a million dollars worth lately? Not much according to the Phillies who just reportedly signed Dontrelle Willis to a one year deal for just around or slightly under $1M. Yes, it is the same Dontrelle that has been going through a torture chamber that he has invented in his own mind in the past couple of years. Call it anxiety or call it whatever, but the Detroit Tigers, and the Arizona Diamondbacks both had the services of Willis during the 2010 season and neither was impressed.

In fact, both teams were so happy to see Willis go, even Dontrelle’s own agent said at the time, he wouldn’t be surprised it Willis took a long time off from baseball.

Willis ended up with Cincinnati last season in 2011, and was a dismal 1-6 with a 5.00 ERA. He obviously hasn’t solved what’s been wrong with his game and I don’t see any reason to believe he’ll be any better with the Phillies. The Reds were finished with their look at Willis after 13 games started, he had 37 BB and 57 SO during those games.

On the flip side, if Willis ever finds his groove again, this could be the bargain of a lifetime for the Phillies. Willis needs to go out and prove himself, and the Phillies could be the right venue for him to do just that.

In his first couple of seasons, it looked as if Willis would be the next superstar, he could strike out just about anyone. What happened after is a mystery. Maybe he started to believe the hype around him, or just lost his composure all together for whatever reason. He had it all as the ROY in 2003, won 22 games in 2005 and then it just seemed to go all down hill for him.

You could see it all happening in his face, he couldn’t hide it. The pressure, the sweat, the game just consumed him. Can he get back on the right track with the Phillies?

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