Monday, December 12, 2011

Mets falling on ‘hard times’ get $40M loan, need investors





The Mets have been going in the opposite direction on the field from that of the Phillies. The Phillies have elevated themselves starting in 2007 and have never looked back at the many years that elapsed between a playoff appearance from them, and now when the have been making the playoffs and winning the NL East Division every year since 2007.


The New York Mets on the other hand have reeled both on the field and by extremely poor player acquisitions in the past few years courtesy of Omar Minaya, former Mets GM. Every move Minaya made seem to not produce much in terms of the Mets winning anything or were just out and out terrible deals for guys who were just about to fall apart at the seems health wise.


I will always remember as well, when the new Mets stadium opened and trying to look for tickets on their website to see the Mets play the Phillies. I selected ‘best available’ and was stunned and amazed to see each ticket costing in the neighborhood of $500 a piece to see a baseball game. I had to take a double take when up popped the price, can that be right I thought to myself?


I don’t know what happened to New York and baseball. Yes, the Mets got a new stadium and didn’t have a terribly good team, but yet thought they would raise prices as high as the sky without regard as to who might want to buy them. The Phillies on the other hand have been slowly raising ticket prices as they’ve ridden their wave of success. The Phillies ownership have steadily raised tickets to the highest prices ever seen by ticket buyers at a Philadelphia baseball crowd yet in 2012, but the ownership has been prudent with the raises and even though since 2004, the ticket prices are nearly double of what they used to be, hardly anyone is taking notice.


Read more about the Mets taking a new loan to add to their loan they’ve already received by the MLB, here.


Francisco goes north to Toronto


Ben Francisco will be giving the Phillies some room on the crowded bench now that he has been traded. Francisco went to the Blue Jays for minor leaguer Frank Gailey. Francisco was kind of quiet in his 3 years with the Phillies, although last year he appeared in 100 games for the Phillies in various roles. 


Rollins report on wrist surgery was false


A couple days ago, many reports were written about Jimmy Rollins undergoing a minor wrist surgery. The reports surfaced on and local news outlets in the Philadelphia area. The only thing about it is that it was totally false. The Phillies organization somehow released information about this that was totally false. Jimmy Rollins himself used the online service, Twitter, to announce that this was ‘old news’. He went on to set the record straight that this happened over a year ago in November of 2010. You have to wonder where and who in the Phillies organization got this wrong.

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