Monday, December 05, 2011

Hot Stove has a few things cooking for Phillies but nothing with Rollins yet




$102M plus for Reyes doesn’t mean Rollins will get the cash bag from the Phillies


The Winter Meetings are underway in Dallas as of today, and the hot stove is cooking away with deals and agents meeting team representatives, but so far nothing earth shattering for the Phillies.


Jimmy Rollins is not signed yet, and a report about Amaris Ramirez (3B) is said to be under the microscope by the Phillies as he’s just coming off a $75M contract for 5 years. Wow, Ramirez isn’t really what I’d call a blockbuster type player, but he earned $14.8M in the final year of the deal with the Cubs and hit 26 HR and 93 RBI.


I don’t think the Phillies want to throw big money at Ramirez, who is 33 and will be 34 in June. But stranger things have happened, and it seems that the Phillies are no longer thinking about bringing up players from the farm as they try to contend with seasoned veterans, as they have been leaning the past couple of years.


The Phillies added Laynce Nix as a utility player in the past couple days, and Nix is a guy who had 324 AB’s and batted .250 with 16 HR and 44 RBI for the Nationals last year. Nix also struck out 82 times in those 324 AB’s which doesn’t bode too well, he doesn’t have that much speed and stole 2 bases last year, and got caught 2 other times while trying to steal. I am not that excited with this addition to the Phillies.


Will they or won’t they? Rollins is said to want 5 years but I don’t think the Phillies want to go there, especially at Rollins’ age and have that commitment to Jimmy through 2017. Another team is probably going to make a decent offer to Rollins, and he may take it. Maybe Rollins should aim his sights on a shorter deal? 


With Jose Reyes signing with the Marlins, Rollins is the next top marquee shortstop in line. Reyes is younger, but has already played 9 full seasons in the majors as he started at 20 years old with the Mets in 2003. Rollins is an overall better player, I think he could get 4 years and $57M-$62M from the Phillies, how much more would you need? Rollins would still be able to negotiate another deal after this one, if he chooses.

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