Friday, November 18, 2011

MLB set to expand another ‘Wild Card’ into the playoffs, should we be happy?






The MLB is about to embark on something that hasn’t been done in years. That is change the format of how teams make the playoffs in the game of baseball. This past season in 2011 was one of the most interesting in years, despite that, the MLB is leaning towards expanding the playoffs now and that will bring a lot of change to how things happen towards playoff time. It’s going to be two ‘Wild Card’ teams per league and just one game to decide which one goes further into the playoffs.


I am not of fan of this extra team that is going to be added to the mix come playoff time. To me, it waters down the whole game more, and adds yet another ‘joker’ to the deck so to speak. It allows a team that probably shouldn’t be in the playoffs to get in by just luck and that changes everything. It’s kind of like toying with the number of balls in a lottery draw, add more and it changes everything.


Some people are in favor of it, teams that haven’t been in the playoffs for years, suddenly are seeing the possibility of an open door to get into the playoff scene. Of course this is more about making more money than anything else, and I think it’s the game that is the loser, the game of baseball itself. The fans of those teams that get in of course will be there, and that is what the MLB is counting on.


NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball have playoff scenes like the one that the MLB is proposing, a bunch of teams make the playoffs and it becomes more like a second season than a championship. Of course the tickets cost more money and the season gets dragged on more than it should.


To compound this, the Houston Astros going to the AL? I don’t like that one either, it’s almost like changing the game itself. Al those memories we have of the NL Houston Astros, will now all just be that. Change is inevitable though, and the baseball gods seem powerless to stop it.


Will the fans like it? Baseball purists will probably not like it, but in this day of ‘the more dollars, the better’ type of mentality, nothing else seems to matter to the league and the people who run it. Time will tell if it’s good or bad after it’s done.

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