Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Madson deal all but done, Cuddyer in the wings

  Can Rollins be next to re-sign with the Phils?

Ryan Madson will probably remain a Phillie with the announcement that a deal is all but done. Mad Dog assumes the role of 'closer' after earlier in the season in 2011, this role was shared among a few other pitchers as well as Ryan Madson.

The deal is said to be 4 years, at $44 million with an option for a 5th year. Isn't this where Brad Lidge seemed to take a turn? Right after the World Series victory in 2008 Lidge was never the same pitcher. Injury may have added to the mix in his case, but even when he was healthy, Lidge just never regained the form he displayed in 2008. Lidge signed a 3 year extension in 2008 for $37.5 M that covered him through last season.

The Madson deal is said to be heading to the owner's desk for approval. This in itself is a bit odd, as usually this is already approved before hand, and it may signal that Phillies ownership is not all that pleased with the deal that is proposed. We may hear an official announcement this afternoon, we'll see.

In other news, Micheal Cuddyer made a visit to the Phillies in the past couple days. Cuddyer is just coming off a $24 Million dollar deal that paid him for 3 seasons with the Twins. Wow, an above average but not superstar player like Cuddyer is earning $8M per season? Is baseball heading down the path that basketball is already at? Not that I don't like Cuddyer or anything but he's not a superstar and he's pulling down millions. That is the subject of another story though, and for now it seems Cuddyer is looking perhaps to land in Philly, I can't imagine for more than what he's earned in the past 3 years though.

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