Saturday, October 08, 2011

We’ll get ‘em in ‘12– the ode of the Phillies fans the day after

2008 Lidge
    The 2008 Phillies team was special, you can’t buy that kind of success

  We were all sad and kind of tired today, a bleary eyed bunch of fans that stayed up the whole game last night to see their team lose by a score of 1-0 to the Wild Card team that got into the playoffs by making a historic run just as the Phillies had done in 2007 by storming back to take the NL East from the Mets and winning it on the last day of the season.

Yes, fans were still mad today, just like the players on the Phillies who thought they were going to the World Series. Of course everyone on that team wanted that, not just the 4 Aces and other players who are in the $10M plus range per year and more. For the replacement players on the team, they deserved a little bit better than to sit on the bench and watch what was going on in this series. Some regular players were playing so badly, they should have been pulled but they weren’t.

I remember how a lot of people felt about 3rd baseman, Pedro Feliz, who batted .174 in the 2009 World Series. Pedro got only 2 hits in 23 AB’s with 2 RBI’s in the Series. He was run out of town on a rail, let us not forget he was also on the 2008 World Series winners team when he batted .333 in the World Series in ‘08. Flash back to last night, and Placido Polanco in this series, he had 2 hits in 19 AB’s with 0 RBI. Oh yes in 2010, Polly was 1-9 with a BA of .111 with 0 RBI’s in that NLDS.  

Ryan Howard spun his wheels on the last AB of the year last night, he may have torn an ACL in the process. The tests are being analyzed, but let’s look at what he did in this series. Howard had 2 hits in 19 AB’s for a paltry .105 BA. He’s one of the highest paid players in the game. That is just inexcusable. Is he on the decline? In a word, yes. I hope he gets better as the Phillies are to be paying him for many more years at $20M plus per season.

The team will be back in 2012, they’ll be talked about and compared to and prognosticated about. The Phillies will be back, and the fans will be there. It’s only one day after and still baseball goes on. It’s proved this year, that you can’t buy success in the postseason, and that’s a good thing. Baseball somehow transcends money sometimes, it’s about heart, hustle, and making things happen.

Like that special Phillies team that did it in 2008, they weren’t the same team on the diamond last night as back in ‘08, but they’ll be back again in 2012 with yet another team and a different combination, will this be the team that wins the World Series or gets closer to that goal?


  1. Trade Howard, Lidge, Blanton, and Oswalt for Pujols.

  2. Certainly didn't seem like the Phightin's had much fight left in them, did it? Pathetic losers.