Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Phillies let Lidge and Oswalt explore market



Mad Dog Madson Ruiz 2011 NL Clinch

  The Phillies free up some money for Ryan Madson, who may be the closer in 2012




The Phillies declined the options on Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt. The Phillies still have to pay them but it won’t be what they were going to earn in the 2012 season. Lidge will $1.5M and Oswalt $2M from the Phillies just because the Phils didn’t pickup their contracts.


It’s possibly the end of an era for Lidge after he finished the record setting 2008 season for the Phillies, he just was never able to live up to that standard again. He also had a couple of injuries that added to his problems.


Roy Oswalt came to the Phillies to win a championship, he felt he had the best chances to win here, and of course that didn’t happen this year. He’ll have to make some decisions in the off-season if he wants to remain pitching after some nagging injuries forced him to the DL again this past season. He never really garnered the fan support in his short time in a Phillies uniform. Oswalt was 9-10 this past season for the Phils.


This may be the start of changes for the Phillies, even though it’s been said that they still may make a deal with one of these players, that appears unlikely.

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