Sunday, October 23, 2011

Manuel’s last press conference of season says Phils are “old”





The ‘Dream Team 2011’ is a team that Charlie Manuel managed in 2011, a team that failed to accomplish their goal to get to the World Series. In the last public press conference on OFightin Manuel 2011ctober 12th, 2011 that Manuel spoke at, he obviously was upset that the Phillies didn’t go further in the playoffs. This team did win 102 games though on the year, and that was an amazing accomplishment.


Charlie Manuel could have glazed this conference over with a few whimsical remarks that the season didn’t go as planned in the postseason, but he delved deep into the ‘dark side’ of what the Phillies are becoming. He said the ‘core’ of the team is 31-34 years old and they are at the top but on the ‘back side’ of their careers for the most part. He was right in saying that the team is getting older, and with that ‘oldness’ you lose a step or two. He could have also have been covering his own failings with the team by blaming the players like he did in the above sound bite.


Manuel could have done things differently, he didn’t say too much of the failure fell on his shoulders. Yes, the offense did not come through for the team. Manuel doesn’t change as the game starts to change sometimes. He doesn’t make too many countermoves from the dugout and when the team is struggling, he doesn’t try to make things happen from the bench most times. He could try to sacrifice bunt more to move runners, and try other things to get this offense going when it sputters.


Greg Gross, Phillies hitting coach, should have been fired immediately after the season, and that didn’t happen. The hitting on the offense falls on Greg’s shoulders, and they really failed when it was needed. I am sure Gross tried to help spark some offense but in the end, it didn’t happen. GG should go, and go fast. It was a situation where the players didn’t rise to the occasion but it was an epic proportion on how bad some players did in the NLDS that should have spelled the end for Gross.


No changes in the coaching staff effectively means that ownership was pleased with the way the season went. We can look to the Boston Red Sox to see what their ownership thought of what’s been happening there. Is this the same case with the Phillies?

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