Monday, September 26, 2011

Win from Phils yesterday helps a little

  Charlie Manuel is glad to see the losing end from the Phils

The much needed win from the Phillies yesterday put a band-aid on a very bad problem they’ve had lately. Not being able to score runs and win ball games was a problem this team has had just after winning the NL East Division. The team was in a free fall and there looked to be no end in sight to when it would end. I am not subscribing to many baseball writers who don't think the Phillies had their best lineup in for the losing streak either. That isn't an excuse, and these 'replacement' players have gotten the job done all year for this team. The win yesterday from the 'regulars' doesn't quell my suspicion that this team is cured of losing all together.

Losing can attach itself to you and stay with you a while. The Phillies now move on to end the regular season with 3 games in Atlanta. The Braves had a great season on their own, and it was very good that the Phillies had a big lead going into the last two weeks of the season or these games really would have had some interesting meaning to them. They still do matter but only to finish out the season, and now that a record setting wins total for the season seems like it’s impossibility- we’ll see how the team does now as it should be in high gear for the playoffs that are just on the other side of this series.

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