Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11–The 10th Year Anniversary

World Trade
The day that changed America, September 11, 2001

It’s the anniversary of one of the worst attacks ever in the United States. It was  on this day in 2011 that a group of well organized terrorists did the unthinkable. Simultaneous hijacking of 4 large aircraft loaded with civilian passengers, and three of them carried out their missions which was to destroy as much as they could, the 4th was brought down by a courageous group of passengers on the plane that realized what was happening.

Everyone who is over the age of 18 probably remembers where they were in 2001 when these tragic events occured, and it’s been a very fast ten years since this has happened. The events on this day changed the way America felt, and just about every other aspect of daily life in the US. The way we used to live came to an abrupt halt and with the wreckage of what we saw before our eyes.

A few years ago I went to a baseball game in New York on September 11th, it was a solemn event and one that I won’t forget. The Mets were playing the Phillies in this game, it was another solemn reminder of the day that changed this country. The game had a number of people in the stands that were survivors of the attack of 9/11 and it won’t be forgotten.

Baseball came to an abrupt halt on September 11, 2001. There was an eerie silence that followed from the moment the first plane struck the World Trade Center and the news of what was happening finally got out. We didn’t know if this was a full scale attack on this country or what was going on. With each minute that passed after the first plane struck the World Trade Center, there was nervousness and a feeling that has never had been felt by many of us, with the exception of those who went through World War 2. Air travel was suspended, cancellations of just about every way we lived our ‘normal’ lives took place, including the suspension of playing baseball games in the MLB.

Now 10 years later, the terror is in the shadows. It was put on the run and into submission for a while, but we should never forget and never let our guard down for it is the memory of this day that we shouldn’t forget that there is ideals to stand up for: liberty and justice for all.

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