Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Phils move closer to playoffs on Saturday and new record



  101 Puts the 2011 Phillies in a three way tie for most wins in a season


It’s almost too tough to watch the Braves sink like a ship in need of a serious bailout, but it’s the Phillies that are sailing proud in this final series of the year in the regular season. We’ve just about forgotten about the epic 8 game slide near the end of the year and now after the second win in this Atlanta series, the Phillies can set a new record with one more win against the Braves on Wednesday night.


The Phillies have tied the record for wins in a regular season at 101 on Tuesday night in Atlanta, when all Braves fans could do was sit and root for the Houston Astros, who were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards are right on the heels of the Braves for the wild card spot in the NL. Hard to believe that Charlie Manuel has also tied Gene Mauch’s Phillies manager wins mark at 645, with the win tonight.


The Braves and the Cardinals could end in a tie for the Wild Card berth into the playoffs and it will go down to the final game of the year to see if that is a possibility. Atlanta is in a late ‘epic fail’ at this point, it looked like the wild card spot was theirs to have just a few weeks ago.


The Phillies meanwhile are much improved from what we’ve seen and are ready to face their yet unknown opponent in the NL in Philadelphia on Saturday and Sunday for Games 1 and 2 of the NLDS. Roy Halladay will kick off the series for the Phillies on Saturday. The time of the game is still a mystery as well. That’s too bad that fans with tickets don’t even know what time the game will be this late in the week. It should be scheduled better to allow the fans to plan their time around the game and not the other way around.


We all still remember Roy Halladay’s awesome first game in the NLDS last year (it was also his first appearance in the postseason) when he pitched a ‘no hitter’ against the Reds in Philadelphia. Can he repeat this awesome feat this year?


The other NL Division series of course is undecided on who the opponents will be so we’ll wait to see what happens there. The AL Series in New York will kick off a serious weekend of baseball with an 8:37 PM first pitch on Friday night. The Yankees have home field advantage like the Phillies do. The Yankees at least have the time up for the fans, although they don’t know who they’ll be playing just yet.

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