Thursday, September 08, 2011

Phils broom Braves last night, Milwaukee is next stop


The Phillies have been enjoying the month of September so far. A sweep of the Braves that was completed last night with the 3-2 win put the team 10.5 games up over the same Atlanta Braves and virtually has them in the driver’s seat to take their 5th division title. It was the Phillies 7th walk-off win of the year last night. Hard to believe it’s already going to be the Phillies 5th year of winning the division in the NL East.

Roy Oswalt looked sharp again last night, and I don’t think there is an issue of him making the postseason roster. That is why the Phillies brought him here, and if he is healthy, he’s going to be on the pitching staff. Young Vance Worley will have plenty of time to pitch down the road, and he’s done an amazing job, but if Oswalt is healthy he’s going to be an effective starter for the Phils in the playoffs. It takes more than just a good season to be called an ace of a pitching staff, and Oswalt has been an ace for years now.

The Braves didn’t leave town before something happened in the series that shouldn’t have. Chase Utley got hit in the head with a fastball and took the ball hard off of his helmet that just happens to have happened right after a disputed call on the field by the Braves. Utley will probably miss a couple games because of it, and didn’t travel to Milwaukee with the team. This pitch was not an accident, and it looked as if the Braves pitcher, Eric O’Flaherty, meant to throw at him.

An interesting thing about the MLB players these days is you can follow them on the computer from a program called Twitter. Several players have accounts that can broadcast their message out for people to read. Last night, Jimmy Rollins tweeted out about the plane ride to Milwaukee being an unpleasant experience with the weather being the way it was, he also later tweeted that the hotel that the Phillies were staying in there in Milwaukee was rumored to be haunted. So much for great times on the road!

The next team the Phillies play are the Brewers, they can be facing them in the playoffs, so this may be a prelude to the playoffs as well as the last series with the Braves being intense. This one will be an equally important one for the Phillies.

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