Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phillies: NL East Champs for 5th straight year

Ibanez Grand Slam NL Clinch 2011
Mad Dog Madson Ruiz 2011 NL Clinch
Phillies Clinch 2011
2011 NL Champs
  NL East scene on the field from My17, just after the victory last night.

I remember the day when we clinched in 2007, I still feel that this game may have been the best game that I’ve ever been at. The epic Mets collapse was happening, the division was basically theirs to win, and the Phillies stormed back to win the division on the last day of the regular season. The crowd at the stadium that day was electric. This 2007 NL East Division win started it all off, and there looks like there is no end in sight.

Fast forward and this core group of players have now won 5 NL East championships, with the victory last night over the St. Louis Cardinals last night. This team of course is a little different from the other teams that has won the Division, but they are making history and they have accomplished something that has never been done in Phillies history. Five straight championship years by the Phillies is beyond some people’s imaginations.

The players celebrated mightily after the victory last night. Champagne and beer and cigars marked the moment that this Phillies team has now officially won the title of NL East champs. Ruben Amaro said it best after the game, he said that this group of players really like one another, and with a big group of players like the players on the Phillies, that isn’t all that easy. A group of players that stand up for one another and have one another’s back is what they are. It’s a magical combination of personalities that end up in a winning result.

There will be time to digest what has happened in this season after it is all over. The work is still there for the team. We may see some more rest for some of the regulars as the regular season winds down, but there is still the better part of 12 days left in the regular season before the playoff scenarios start.

Check out what the party looked like and sounded like on Todd Zolecki's blog from here!

It’s Party time now, the division is ours and the focus soon turns to the playoffs. Can this team take all of what it has done so far and manifest it to a series of victories to reach the World Series? We’ll see.

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