Friday, September 16, 2011

Magic number down to 2, clinch could happen tonight






The season is down to 2 combinations of either a Phillies win or a Braves loss that will give the Phillies the NL East title again. It’s the 5th year in a row that the team has accomplished this. Now there is no doubt that this past five seasons will qualify for a ‘dynasty’ status for the team. It’s perhaps the best times this franchise has seen in it’s long history.


The work is not over, what lies ahead is the playoffs. In the past 5 years, the Phillies have been to the World Series twice. Last year they lost in the NLCS by a 4-2 series, and the San Francisco Giants won it all after that. Is this 2011 Phillies team a team of destiny, where nothing less than a trip to the World Series is in order?


The Phils will be facing much better pitching against the Cardinals in the series that starts tonight. The Cards are battling for a wild card spot against the Braves. It looks like an outside chance that the Cardinals will get in, the Braves have a 4.5 game lead on the Cardinals for the Wild Card spot in the playoffs. Stranger things have happened though and the Braves have been in a bit of a slide lately.


The champagne is on ice, the Phillies look poised to pop the cork on yet another NL East Division victory.

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