Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Houston: We (may) have a problem

Phillies look to "Stop" the losing streak

It just seemed like yesterday that the Phillies were on a winning streak that would never end. Just like most good things though, it ended and now has been replaced by a sloppier and less than great way that the Phils have been playing for the past couple of nights.

It’s good to rest some players, but I think the Phillies now officially have a problem with stringing back to back bad games on the board vs. the Astros. It’s not time to panic, mind you, but these games that we’ve been seeing from the Phils is kind of concerning.

We’re stuck on 94 wins now for more than a few days, and even though we are 10 games up in the standings over the Braves, you can’t like the direction the Philllies are starting to go.

Maybe we're thinking too much about this, we all love a winner and when the Phillies don't win, there's a sort of panic that starts setting in. There is also one of the hottest teams in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals getting ready to meet the Phillies for a long 4 game series at home in Philly this weekend through Monday.

There's been whispers of 1964 already, and we'll have more talk on that year later in the month on this blog, but for now it's Houston and a slight signal that there may be a problem. We'll see what happens this afternoon when the Phils and the Astros wrap this series up.

If the losing streak has you rattled, read on and these numbers will comfort you:

The Phillies are 46-16 in their last 62 games played on Wednesday

Phillies road record in the last 28 games: 20-8

Phillies record on the last 73 games played on grass:  52-21 

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