Thursday, September 29, 2011

Historic night for the Phillies and Manuel as they win Game 102 to finish 2011 season

New season wins total for Phillies now at 102 courtesy of the 2011 Phillies

It was a historic night for baseball last night for the Phillies. They battled back in a game that they looked to be in a real tough spot to win. The Phils rallied back last night to tie the game in the late innings behind a Chase Utley sacrifice fly and then go ahead and win it in extra innings with a Hunter Pence bloop hit that scored Brian Schneider. The Phillies set a new season wins mark last night with 102 wins on the season.

If the Braves won last night, they were going to be heading to St. Louis to play the Cardinals in a one-game playoff. The two teams would have been tied if the Braves won, but it was just not to be, and the Braves go home despite having a great season. They will not go into the playoffs at all. Instead it will be the Cardinals, and the Cards will now play the Phillies in the NLDS that starts in Philly on Saturday, a time hasn't been announced yet for the game.

Here's how the Phillies pitchers looked last night as they started their quest on the historic night. It was not one, but several starters who took to the mound for the Phils.

The Phillies started out with Joe Blanton, who hasn’t started a game since May 5th, Joe pitched pretty well. Big Joe pitched 2.0 innings and gave up 1 ER on 4 strikeouts. This may be the last year we see Joe Blanton in a Phillies uniform, he’s going to be on the playoff rosters, so he isn’t done with us just yet.

Cole Hamels came in and looked sharp with the exception of the home run he gave up to Dan Uggla to give the Braves a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the 3rd. Hamels ended his regular season stats with a 2.79 ERA with his 3.0 innings he pitched on the night. Hamels also ends the 2011 season with a 14-9 record. Hamels struck out 194 batters in the 2011 season with 216 innings pitched.

Vance Worley followed Hamels on this night on the mound. Worley has been the biggest surprise on this roster. He’s won 11 games for the Phillies this season and had 119 SO. Worley added the last 2 SO tonight, and finished the season with a 3.01 ERA.

The bullpen then held this game down for the Phillies and the 13th inning, when the Phils shocked the Braves and ended their season in a dramatic come from behind win.

It wasn't the only record on the night, Charlie Manuel earned his 646th win as manager of the Phillies and that feat moved him into first place among Phillies managers.

This night that was the last night of the season will be remembered by many, it was one of baseball's greatest nights. The Boston Red Sox also suffered the fate of the Braves last night, as the Toronto Jays stormed back to win over the Yankees being down 7-0 late in their game. They just don't make these kind of plays in other sports and that is why baseball tops them all.

More on the playoffs in the next couple days, as now we know it will be the Cardinals that the Phillies will face in the first round.

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