Sunday, September 25, 2011

Epic losing streak mars otherwise marvelous season



Division celebration 2011

The team hasn’t won since the division winning game on September 17


It’s been a few days since I’ve posted here on FightinPhillies. The Phillies team has been on a prolonged losing streak that has now reached epic proportions. The team is now in the final days of the regular season in 2011, and last night the Phils dropped the second game of a day/night double header and extended their losing streak to 8 in a row.


To think that this losing streak doesn’t matter is wrong. No, the Phillies won’t lose the division behind it or lose their spot in the playoffs, but the long term losing streak has dug it’s nails into this team at the worst moment in the season possible. Playoff baseball a lot of the time is about emotion and treats teams that are playing great baseball well. This is not what is happening with the Phillies.


If the Phillies did not have the cushion they have, they could’ve easily ended up like the Mets did in 2007. You don’t want to lose 90 percent of your last 15 games at the end of the season, no matter what place your in. There is no easy answer for the losing streak, but the most obvious answer would be that the team is just not playing simple baseball. Simple in getting on base, and moving the runners is about as basic as the Phillies need to start doing.


The story of this season is still developing, you can’t predict anything in this game and that is a good thing. Around the first day of September, the Phillies looked like they would pull away with 105 wins or more on the season. They don’t appear to be heading that way now. This losing streak has put a damper on the total wins needed to even break a new record now.


Could the Phillies team have made a big mistake of believing their own hype? Did the celebration last too long for the Division win in 2011, if you watched it on tv, the team almost looked as if they won the World Series. It was great to win the division this year, but hopefully this team hasn’t fell into a trap of thinking that it’s all going to be handed to them because it just isn’t. 

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