Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Double Trouble: Funk continues with losses to Nationals in Double Header




Lee is denied win 17 on the year tonight, the Phils losses continue



Let’s just hope this isn’t the same team we see in the playoffs. Yes, it’s been a long season. On my blog post yesterday, I even flubbed up typing in the wrong team that the Phillies were playing- fixing it only after proofreading my post several hours later. It was kind of the way the Phillies day and night went. They lost both games to the Washington Nationals, one that started at 1:05 PM and then the night cap, at 7:05 PM.


Could this team be out of gas with the fine season that they put up on the board? The last month for the team has been a long continuous stretch of time for the Phils. The month of September has seen the team have zero days off. A double header today and last week really stretched the overworked team just in the past two weeks and now it’s starting to show.


There are only 2 more home games remaining after the double loss against the Nationals. The season is winding down to a  precious 8 final games in which the Phillies can still break the season win total of 101. It just doesn’t seem like it is going to be as easy as some have thought it would be a couple weeks ago.


Many pundits aren’t reading into this, and that isn’t their job to. Most daily beat writers just write about what happened to the team on a particular game. They don’t read too much into what may happen down the road most of the time. Is this losing streak good at this time? Of course not, this team doesn’t like to lose and it’s not a good habit to get into. Can this team rebound? Of course they can, but doing it is the first step. It’s kind of like a ship that has suddenly sprung a big leak, there are people there to take care of it, but will the leak grow or can they contain it and get back to smooth sailing? Time will tell.


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