Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 of 4 lost to Cards, no 20-game winner for Phillies?

Halladay's loss may mean no 20-game winner for the Phillies this year

A midst the celebration from Saturday night, there has been some play that you wouldn't expect from the Phillies especially at this time of the season. The team lost 3 of 4 games to the St. Louis Cardinals, but clinched home field advantage for the playoffs anyway last night. This is not what you expected from this powerhouse Phillies team that had been doing pretty well. Home field advantage will mean nothing if this team plays like this in the Division Series that starts up in about 10 days.

The losses to the Cardinals have also done something else, there will not be a 20 game winner on this team this year. The loss for Roy Halladay last night, virtually assures that we won't have a 20 game winner this year and it puts a cloud over Roy's chance for a back to back Cy Young Award. Roy does have what appears to be 2 more starts in the season, unless he is rested which is probably what the Phillies will do for at least one of his starts.

The offense has went completely flat over the past several games, and there is no explanation why really. This team was sailing along and all of a sudden, it stopped cold. Maybe they are believing their own hype? They could be tired, although I don't think it's that.

Losing 3 of 4 to the Cardinals was one thing, and rewinding back to the prior weekend, we saw the Phillies lose to the Houston Astros 3 times in a 4 game series. Six losses to two teams in two weeks is not how this team has played all season and now, even though everything is set up for them to have home field advantage and having clinched the division, there somehow is a feeling that this Phillies team is beatable.

The Phils have a day/night doubleheader again. We welcome in the Nats to end the season homestand for this series. We'll see if this losing streak is a trend and continues or do the Phillies start playing like they are capable of.

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