Tuesday, September 27, 2011

100 wins for the season with win last night






It’s been something that has eluded Phillies teams for over 30 years, and only the third time in club history that it’s been achieved. That of course is a 100 win season for the Phillies that hasn’t been done since 1977. The Phils beat the Atlanta Braves last night and took their spot at third place on the all-time wins for a season mark.


Around the 1st of September this year, it seemed that this Phillies team would easily slide into the top spot on that list as the club with the highest amount of wins in season. Baseball happens though, and now the team must win their final two games of this 2011 regular season to set a new record.


For a feeling of how long it’s been since the Phillies had a 100 win season, consider the last year it was done, in 1977 and the year before in 1976. Here are a few of the things that were happening at that time in 1977:


  •   Jimmy Carter was President of the United States
  •   Legionnaire's Disease was identified Jan 18, 1977
  •   Star Wars hit the theatres for the first time
  •   Elvis Presley died at 42 years old
  •   Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was the top LP of the year

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