Saturday, August 06, 2011

Phils beat the Giants on the field, and in the Brawl By The Bay

Wheels and TMac break down the Brawl By The Bay

The Phillies are without a doubt the team to beat in the National League. They’ve been riding a great wave all year so far and last night in San Francisco, the waters got a little choppy as Shane Victorino was drilled in the back with a fastball, and what happened afterwards was a benches clearing brawl by the bay. Victorino charged the mound, in a move that will cost him a couple games on suspension probably. He charged after Giants reliever, Ramon Ramirez.

It supposedly started very innocently. Jimmy Rollins, who is in a contract year, wants to do the best he can for what is to come in the future with baseball and Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies were up by six runs, and Rollins stole second base. Apparently, you’re not supposed to play hard all of the time when your up by at least six runs because right after that is when Victorino was hit. I think you have to look at Bruce Bochy as to why this happened and did the Giants manager order this?

Carlos Beltran, the Mets flop who cost them millions and never gave them much, had a few things to say in the matter and shouldn’t have even opened his mouth about what Jimmy Rollins should be doing on the base paths. Beltran all of a sudden is all mouth, as his play on the field for the Giants has been dismal, just like his career with the Mets. He’s a big time bust. That is the story line of another post though.

The Phillies won fare and square on the diamond last night in San Francisco, and that is what matters. Not whether or not you steal a base to help your numbers. John Mayberry Jr. is making a strong statement to the Phillies that they might want to forget the name, Domonic Brown, and that he is the future of the Phillies. He’s making a good point as he has homered in four straight games in which he has started and he’s looking better in every game for the Phillies.

The 4 game series continues today at 4:10 PM ET, with the Fox Saturday baseball broadcast. Will the battle simmer over to today? We’ll have to see if the boys want to mix it up again down by the bay.

The Phils have now played 52 games on the road this season and their record improved to 31-21 while away from CBP. The Phillies all-time record vs. the Giants at AT&T Park improves to 15-24 with the win last night. It was the Phillies 14th game in a row last night without a day off. The Phils have to play a total of 20 before they get their next day off, so 6 more games stand in the way of their day off.

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