Friday, August 19, 2011

Phillies win series late in Philly, travel to Washington for weekend

Here is the 'brawl' again in case you missed it

A rain delay of over two hours is never much fun at the ballpark, if you are a fan there, you just head for a concession stand and get a snack and then hope and pray that for the last two hours that you've waited, the rain will let up and the game will eventually begin again. That's what happened last night in Philly as the rain delayed the Phillies 80th win of the season for a while. The Phils did go on to win this game 4-1 that with the delay was a lengthy 4 hours and 45 minutes plus total. David Herndon picked up the win for the Phils in this game. It ends up being Vance Worley's second straight game in which he didn't get a decision as he didn't go far enough into the game to earn the win.

 The Phillies will take their game on the road to Washington DC over the weekend starting tonight when the Phillies face a pitcher that they seem to have a lot of trouble with, Livan Hernandez. The Phillies will counter with Roy Oswalt.

 Shane Victorino will serve a suspension game tonight, the suspension was reduced to two games from three following an appeal. It seems as if Major League baseball has given a bit of leniency to Victorino, but I am not sure why. His actions did qualify for at least three games and the Giants pitcher should have received the same. Phillies fans appreciate the reduction as Shane won't be away for long, so we'll just chalk this one up as another win for the team.

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