Monday, August 29, 2011

Phillies set to face Reds tonight

 It's been really tough to think about baseball in the Philadelphia tri-state area during the past couple of days. Preparing for a hurricane is not one of the easiest things we'll ever do. People had to evacuate their homes, secure their property, and shop for emergency supplies.

It's been years since this area has had a hurricane bearing down on it, and it looks as though we weathered the storm, but now the flooding is what most people will have to deal with in and around Philly as we pick up the pieces and start to resume our lives.

I watched a little of Sunday Night Baseball last night, it was two teams that I normally wouldn't go out of my way to watch. The Anaheim Angels and the Texas Rangers were on tv last night, and it was just so good to see a game after all that went on in the area in the last week. I guess that is why they call baseball our 'national pastime.'

The Phillies are back at it tonight after probably one of the toughest weeks ever in their home stadium. An earthquake on Tuesday, and a hurricane and tornado warnings on Saturday and Sunday were about all the elements that mother nature could throw at us.

The Phillies will face the Cincinnati Reds tonight in Cinncy. The Reds seemed like they were going to be contenders this year after making it to the NLCS last year. The Phillies ended the dreams of the Reds in that series by a shutout in the series 4-0.

The Reds have been one of those teams that are overdue for something good to happen to them. The last time other than last year that the Reds have made it to the playoffs was in 1995 when they were also swept in the NLCS 4-0. That is a long time without any playoff baseball in a city. It's probably why there have been rumblings of expanding the playoffs in the MLB to include more teams when there has been a handful of teams that are always dominating in the past few years.

I don't think were seeing a rematch of last year's NLCS here in Cinncy tonight. The Reds are 66-66 and not really in contention for a playoff spot this year. The Reds are sitting 13 games back behind the Milwaukee Brewers this year so far and it looks as if they will not make the playoffs at all.

Cole Hamels quest for Cy Young contention continues tonight. We'll see if the tough start he had in his last game follows him to Cincinnati or was just a question of needing more rest. Hamels has gotten a lot of rest lately with the rainout and postponements so we'll see how he does tonight. 

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