Sunday, August 07, 2011

Not a sweep in San Francisco but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad


It’s real hard to sweep an opposing MLB team at their home in 4 straight games. The Phillies almost completed the sweep of San Francisco at AT&T Park on Sunday afternoon, but the Phils ended up losing the game by a score of 3-1 behind another strong showing from Tim Lincecum against the Phils. Lincecum’s last two wins have come courtesy of the Phillies, today and on July 28th in Philadelphia. Lincecum’s overall record against the Phillies is very good, this is the 9th time that the Phillies had to face Lincecum and he is overall 4-1 vs. the Phillies for his career so far.


The San Francisco trip did have it’s moments. It was promised to be a good series, and I think it lived up to being a great series. It was a great series not only because the Phillies won 3 of 4 games, but it also gave an impression that the Phillies have now started to ‘kick it up a notch’ to use a phrase made famous by Emeril. The Phillies rose to the occasion over the long weekend in San Francisco, and it was more like the weather we’ll be seeing in October out there by the bay the whole time the Phils were there, the weather was still sweltering and humid in Philly but the team didn’t have to put themselves through that weather until they get home again late this week after they continue their western road trip in Los Angeles.


Roy Oswalt picked up much better today than he was when he went onto the DL. He went 6 strong innings and pitched 93 pitches. Oswalt did give up 3 ER and struck out 4 on his return to the mound for the Phillies. All in all, not too bad from Oswalt to be in a game vs. the tough Tim Lincecum and a Giants team that were very hungry for a win today. The Giants are in the middle of a 10 game homestand and have only 2 wins in the first 7 games with 3 more to go at home vs. Pittsburgh. Despite the losses, the Giants are still 63-52.


A scary moment happened late in the game when Chase Utley lost control of his bat and it went sailing at Lincecum, the bat hit Lincecum in the leg, but it doesn’t look like it was serious and play went on.


The Phillies now continue on to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers. It’s the heart of the Phillies rotation to face them. Halladay, Lee, and Worley are scheduled to take on the Dodgers.


We haven’t seen the last of the Giants, there a ball club that wins when it has to win and they have a lot of firepower at their disposal if pitchers like Matt Cain, and Barry Zito (won just went on the 15-day DL today) ever get their acts together and start pitching like they are capable of pitching like. Despite their terrible slip at home recently, the Giants are still in first place, only by a half a game though and the Diamondbacks seem poised to give them a run for their trophy in the last 2 months of the season.

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