Monday, August 15, 2011

Listening to baseball on the ‘radio’–and the first baseball game ever broadcast on the airwaves






I got an interesting email this evening about listening to baseball games on the radio. The fond memories we all have of someone we know or knew and how they enjoyed listening to baseball on the radio float back into our memories from time to time. Here is how it all started.


The other night, was the anniversary of the first baseball game ever broadcast on the radio. Oddly enough, the first game ever broadcast was a Phillies game. The year was 1921, and things were much different then. There was no television to watch but if you had a radio, on this night on August 5, 1921 you were treated to the first ever broadcast of a baseball game. The game was from Pittsburgh and it had the Pirates taking on the Phillies.


The funny part is that sometimes, the announcers weren’t even at the games, they were reading the accounts of the game from a ticker tape. My, have we come a long way to all of the internet and online coverage we have today.


Listen to a baseball game on radio sometime, you’ll really like it. If you don’t get good reception, try the MLB Radio package for $19.99 per season you can tune into all of the regular season games on radio all season long.


Oh yes in case your interested, the Phillies lost that first ever broadcasted game to the Pirates 8-5, but it ushered in a new era in the sport, and one that continues to be fun to this day.

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