Monday, August 01, 2011

Ibanez beats the Pirates (with some help by the Phillies)


Raul Ibanez hasn’t always been the player that most Phillies fans would say was a great acquisition to the team. Raul is in the last year of his 3 year deal that he signed after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

Raul is starting to make a statement, hopefully it continues

He is starting to make us realize his is that superstar player now in the last few months of his contract. Ibanez terrorized the Pirates yesterday, Raul went 3-5 with 4 RBI on the day and solidified his lock on the player with the second most RBI on the team. Ibanez has been on a tear lately, he’s made people take notice that even at 39 years old, he is still relevant on this team. Ibanez even got the game winning hit yesterday and helped the Phillies earn their 68th win on the year. It took extra innings as the Phillies won it 6-5 in 10 innings.

Not a steroids issue now, or then

In his first year, Ibanez burst onto the scene in Philly way back in 2009. The hot topic of the day back then was the ‘steroids issue’ (hey what ever happened with this?) and the rumors swirled at a certain point that Ibanez may be part of the steroid flap. It was first reported by a blogger in the mid-west that really just mentioned it because of how well Raul was doing at the time. The comment got taken completely out of context, and the whole issue blew up and even Raul himself took some verbal shots at the blogger and assured everyone he was clean. 

Phils out of town for a long west coast trip

The Phillies are out of town for a 10-game road trip, they will visit the Rockies for 3 games, the Giants for 4 games, and the Dodgers for 3 games before returning home to face the Nationals on August 12th.

Announcer did a wonderful job at Sunday's Phillies Game

Side note from yesterday's game there was a gentleman who won a prize from last year's fan appreciation day. I didn't get his name but he won a chance to announce the starting lineups at a Phillies game this season. He did just that on Sunday and he did a marvelous job, I think the Phillies should add him into the rotation on a steady basis on Sunday. Not taking anything away from Dan Baker, but this guy who did the duties yesterday was awesome!

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