Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Halladay wins NL Leading 15th Game

The Phillies won again on the road last night in LA, and Roy Halladay has won his 15th game of the season. Only two other pitchers in the AL have won more games, C.C. Sabathia and Justin Verlander each have 16 games in the win column. After the All Star Game break, Halladay has a 4-1 record with a 2.78 ERA.

It's a little early to be talking about a Cy Young Award, but it seems like both Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels are inching closer to being possible candidates for the award. Hamels is now 13-6 with a 2.53 ERA on the season.

Shane Victorino was suspended 3 games and will appeal, I don't think he wins any appeals and he's lucky he didn't get more after his charging the mound in San Francisco a few days ago. He even dragged Charlie Manuel around like a rag doll after he broke free a second time and recharged the mound so it could have been Manuel getting hurt as well as he has trying to hold Victorino back.

The road trip has been very successful, their record on this trip is now 7-1 with two more games remaining in LA before the Phils return home this weekend vs. the Washington Nationals.

Phillies Best Road Trips (six games or more) 

  1. 7-0  July 11-15 1968  vs. PIT, NYM
  2. 6-0  April 14-21 1915 vs. BOS, NYG
  3. 7-1  Sept. 22-28 1983 vs. MTL, STL, CHI

 As you can see from the list above, this road trip could be record setting for the Phillies, with another win, this road trip could take over third place on the all-time Best Road Trips. 

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