Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Halladay helps Phils win with pitching and bat

What hasn't Roy Halladay done this year? Last night he proved again that he is an all around player on the Phillies as not only did he pitch great on the mound, he sliced a Bronson Arroyo pitch into the right field corner for a double and drove home 3 runs last night in Cincinnati. The Phils went on to a 9-0 win.

All of those years that Roy Halladay didn't get the chance to bat is starting to catch up with Roy. Pitchers, especially those like the superstar Halladay is, aren't supposed to be doing that well at the plate. Most pitchers that go up to bat are more or less looked at as an easy out, but not the Phillies pitchers who have really stepped it up at the plate this year.

Cliff Lee leads the Phillies pitchers in offense. He has been a hitting machine this season. Lee has 13 hits with two of those being home runs, and he has driven in 13 RBI's on the season. Cole Hamels is right behind Lee with 8 hits and now Halladay has 7 hits on the year. Halladay has now tied Phillies pitchers in RBI's for second place on the team with Vance Worley, who also has 3 RBI's.

This is the time of the season when we start talking about 'Magic Numbers'. The magic number is how many games the Phillies either have to win or Atlanta has to lose to give the Phillies their Division title. That number is now at 29, so any combination of either Phillies wins or Atlanta losses will make the number move lower. It doesn't seem to matter for Atlanta as it seems like they are in the drivers seat for the Wild Card playoff spot in the NL.

The Phils extend their stay in Cincinnati tonight with Cliff Lee on the mound tonight against Dontrelle Willis. The game gets underway at 7:10 PM. One more game remains in the series, as I look at the schedule :)


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