Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diamondbacks bite the Phils late in the game




The Arizona Diamondbacks have been quietly getting better all year long. The team is in first place in the NL West, and last night the Dbacks showed how dangerous they can be. The Phillies clung to a 2-1 lead until the 9th inning and then sprung to action with a Lyle Overbay 2-run double. Overbay drove in all three runs on the night.


Roy Halladay was sharp with 14 strikeouts and just couldn’t close the door on the Diamondbacks but Charlie Manuel tried to gain another complete game for Halladay in the process. Perhaps if the bullpen was called on to close this game out, we’d have a different outcome in this game. Charlie Manuel said, “He’s my ace” when asked why he left him in the whole game. I think as the season goes on, Manuel might want to reconsider working his ace so many innings.


The unveiling of the statue that started as a fan’s dream, came true last night at the stadium. The Harry Kalas statue was unveiled for all to see last night and of course the fans were moved by the sight.  A permanent home for a statue of a person who meant so much to the fans, HK.


The Dbacks have been hot lately, they’ve won their 7th straight last night. Their record now is 69-53. Atlanta won it’s second straight game against the World Champion San Franciso Giants last night. The Giants now fall 3 1/2 games behind the Diamondbacks in the NL West.


Roy Halladay’s record stands at 15-5 as the Phillies again face the Diamondbacks at home tonight. It will be Cliff Lee for the Phillies tonight, Cliff is looking for win 13 on the year. Cliff has been turning the heat up on his game lately and now is rising up with both Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels for the best record for Phillies pitchers.


Phillies firsts:  Last night Roy Halladay got some wood on a ball and slugged his first career double!

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