Saturday, August 20, 2011

DC Collapse, Nats Storm Back to Late Win


Ryan Zimmerman Slam

   Zimmerman Grand Slam sinks Phillies in the 9th, a walkoff



The weather forecast around Washington DC was promising, there wasn’t supposed to be any rain around the area of the stadium according to weather forecasts or just a slim chance of a shower. The forecasters were wrong. Just before game time, the skies around Nationals Park opened up and this game was delayed 2 hours and 22 minutes before it got underway.


The Phillies seemed to cruise in this game once it got started. The Phillies held a 4-2 lead into the bottom of the 9th and looked as they were going to win their 81st game on the season. Take nothing for granted in baseball though, as in the bottom of the ninth, the Nationals would storm back to score an incredible 6 runs and wrestle this game away from the Phillies.


The Phillies scratched Roy Oswalt from his start and put Kyle Kendrick on the mound to start the rain delayed game. Livan Hernandez, who was scheduled to start, got the ball for the Nationals and it looked as if the Phillies finally were going to beat Hernandez after losing to him just the week before.


The Rally was started by Jayson Werth, our old friend

The Nationals rallied back into the game in the bottom of the 9th. Jayson Werth scored to make the ballgame 4-3 and started the comeback. With Werth, it  is more a personal thing to come back and beat the Phillies. The Nationals may have beat the Phillies on this night, but that is as close as they’ll get to the playoffs for that team, and Werth is a big disappointment with a $20 million dollar salary and .227 BA and 14 homerun season. Jonny Gomes, hit the ball that scored Werth for the Nationals and continued the rallly.


Even though Ryan Zimmerman hit the grand slam that won the game for the Nationals gave credit to Werth with this quote after the game. "Talk to him," Zimmerman said. "He got the hit to start it."


These are the games that you look back at and wonder how the team lost them. It’s part of the long season of baseball though and there is still much more to be played before this season is over. It’s Madson’s second blown save of the season in 23 save opportunities.


The moves that Charlie Manuel doesn’t make sometimes don’t look good

Another questionable move by Charlie Manuel had him leaving Ryan Madson staying in for the whole inning in the bottom of the 9th as he didn’t feel the need to take Madson out and bring in someone else after it appeared that Madson didn’t have it on the mound. Would it have mattered? Maybe yes or maybe no, but most major league managers would have made a move in the same position. Manuel has a successful team, but he does make a lot of questionable moves, most of the time for the things that he doesn’t do during a game. Charlie stayed with Madson and showed that he had his faith in him to close the game out, a fly ball and catch and it was all over and in the win column for the Phillies, but it just was not to be.


This loss by the Phillies makes it the second time in a week that the Phillies have been bit in the 9th inning. Once by the Diamonbacks and Roy Halladay with the loss, and now with the Nationals and Ryan Madson getting the loss.

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