Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comcast nominated for Phillies coverage and more for 2011

2011 is a potentially historic year for Phillies fans, and the Comcast Network who broadcasts most of the games. The broadcasts and shows we enjoy require a lot of work, and a lot of 'behind the scenes' people who aren't immediately apparent. Here's a list of shows that Comcast has been nominated for awards for this season.

Comcast SportsNet was nominated for excellence in the following categories:

Station Excellence
“Comcast SportsNet”
Brian Monihan, Senior Vice President and General Manager

Sports- Regularly Scheduled Daily Program or Sportscast

“Toyota SportsNite”-
Rob Kuestner, Assistant News Director
Nyree Berry, Production Assistant
Charles Dower, Show Producer
Bill Markel, Director
Lisa Hilary, Anchor
Rob Michel, Producer
Matt Azarva, Associate Producer

“Wells Fargo SportsNite”
Rob Michel, Producer
Michael Gatti, Supervising Producer
Bill Markel, Director
Gregg Murphy, Anchor/Reporter
Andy Slawecki, Associate Producer
Marshall Harris, Anchor/Reporter

Sporting Events/Game- Live/Unedited Program/Special/Series

“Flyers Hockey”
Shawn Oleksiak, Senior Executive Producer
Bryan Cooper, Producer
Nick Marchetta, Director
Carl Graber, Graphics Producer

“Phillies Baseball”
Shawn Oleksiak, Senior Executive Producer
Jeffrey C. Halikman, Producer
Ray Tipton, Director
John DiSangro, Associate Producer

“76ers Basketball”
Shawn Oleksiak, Senior Executive Producer
JR Aguila, Producer
Dave Goetz, Director
Beth Ely, Graphics Producer

Sports – Program Series
“Phillies Focus Series”
Rob Kuestner, Producer/Assistant News Director
Marshall Harris, Host
Michael Parisano, Editor
Kevin Feeney, Producer
Kevin Flatley, Chief Photographer
Jeffrey Wechsler, Associate Producer
Justin Krapf, Editor

Program One-Time Special
“Philadelphia International Cycling Championship”
Shawn P. Oleksiak, Executive Producer
Scott Faccenda, VP of Operations
Scott Ogle, Director
Brian McLendon, Tech Manager

Feature News Report
Piece of Philly History”
Tom Kretschmer
“A Storm Was Bruin: A Flyers Historic Comeback”
Neal Slotkin

Arts/Entertainment Program Feature/Segment
“A Brush with Immortals”
Brad Nau, Producer

Health Program Feature or Segment
“Race of His Life”
Brad Nau, Producer

Sports- Program Feature/Segment
“2010 Images of the Year”- Comcast SportsNet
Jay Passarella, Editor
Rob Rabena, Associate Producer
“Women’s Roller Derby”- Comcast SportsNet
Paul Aspan- Producer

Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Special
“Love of the Game”
Brad Nau, Producer

Human Interest Program Feature or Segment
“Washington’s Red”
Brad Nau, Producer
Amy Fadool, Sports Anchor

Promotion- News and Program Image
“Comcast SportsNet- We Live Philly Sports”
Eugenia Krug, Executive Producer
Kimberly Stewart, Producer

Editor- Program
Justin Krapf- Comcast SportsNet
Jay Passarella- Comcast SportsNet

Editor- Short Form
Jim Harnett, Comcast SportsNet
David DeMarco- Comcast SportsNet

Graphic Arts/Animation
“Daily News Live”
Jeff Dougherty
Ivan Cheitowskyj
William Green

On-Camera Talent
John Boruk, Comcast SportsNet

On-Camera Talent-Reporter- Sports
John Boruk, Comcast SportsNet

On-Camera Talent-Reporter- Sports Analyst/Play-by-Play
Marc Zumoff- Comcast SportsNet

Photographer- Program
Brad Nau, Comcast SportsNet

Writer- News/Commentary/Short From
John Boruk, Comcast SportsNet
The Comcast Network was nominated for excellence in the following categories:

Interview/Discussion Program/Special
“It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle: Jail for Bullies”-The Comcast Network
Lynn Doyle, Host
“It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle: 50 Years of Radio Memories”- The Comcast Network
Lynn Doyle, Host

Interview/Discussion Series
“It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle: Focus on Women”- The Comcast Network
Lynn Doyle, Host

Historic/Cultural Program/Special
“Murder in Memphis, Timeline to An Assassination” – The Comcast Network
Arthur Fennel
Brian Aiken

Comcast SportsNet, along with The Comcast Network, scored 31 Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations at a ceremony last night hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards, which annually honor excellence in news, programming and individual achievement in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, will be presented September 24th at the Loew’s Philadelphia Hotel.

“I am very proud of everyone at Comcast SportsNet and The Comcast Network for producing outstanding work year after year,” said Brian Monihan, Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia Senior Vice President and General Manager. “We are thrilled to receive another nomination for Station Excellence and wish everyone best of luck on Emmy night.”

Thanks to Maureen for the info on the great year Comcast is having bringing us local sports programming.

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