Thursday, August 04, 2011

Back to Back Sweeps for Phils, is San Fran next?

  The Phillies take on the Giants in the "City By The Bay"

The Phillies had a bit of trouble sweeping teams throughout the season, they’re making up for that now with the sweep of the Rockies yesterday afternoon in Denver. That makes two series in a row that the Phillies have swept.

Ryan Howard has been scorching the ball in the last 8 days, his batting average in the last week is over .300 and he has 10 RBI in that time period, in the last 15 days, he’s had 18 hits and 13 RBI. The month of August is usually Ryan’s hot month, and he has started early already with plenty of multi-hit games, home runs, and RBI's.

The Phils travel to San Francisco to play them 4 more times. In Philadelphia, the Phillies didn’t fare all that well, losing 2 of the 3 games to the Giants. It will be interesting to see how the Phils do in this 4-game series, they should start to better against the Giants out in San Fran than they did in Philly.

The Giants have a great fanbase, in the next couple posts I'll look at what has happened to revive San Francisco as a baseball town and the rabid fans that really love their Giants.

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