Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trade deadline debate: Trading Domonic Brown for Hunter Pence


Pence Bat

Pence would give the Phillies a deep threat after Howard


An interesting conversation popped up yesterday on their morning drive show from 7AM to 10 AM ET on MLB Network Radio, Rob Dibble and Jim Memolo talked about whether the Phillies should be looking to deal one of their top prospects, Domonic Brown, for the Houston Astros right fielder, Hunter Pence. MLB Network Radio is a 24 hour, 7 day a week radio station on Sirius/XM satellite radio that talks baseball all day and night.


Rob Dibble makes sense when it comes to the Phils getting Pence

Dibble actually would be for such a deal and his explanation was pretty simple. Pence is a proven player and a guy that is going to bring home close to 100 RBI on the season and 25 HR each year. Rob went on to say that Pence is going to give the Phillies a better chance to do what they’ve set out to do and that is a better chance to win championships for the next few years that this current team is intact.


Memolo says don’t gamble the future by dealing Brown

Jim Memolo took the opposing view, that Pence would cost the Phillies too much down the road and the young Domonic Brown hasn’t yet had the chance to blossom yet, so the Phillies don’t really know what will become of his play in a year or two.


Domonic Brown is really in the early stages of his career in baseball, he’s shown some promise with the bat and with his glove. That being said, we’ve seen a lot of players with some talent that just never took off completely and perhaps we’ll see that with Brown.


Fightin Phillies endorses a Pence for Brown deal as soon as it could happen!

The team that the Phillies has is crying out for the right handed bat that they lost with Jayson Werth. Pence would be just the kind of guy the Phillies need. The numbers are not arguable. Pence on this team could make it unstoppable. Pence is much better than Werth in my opinion and should be pursued at any cost.


Would the Astros just take a Domonic Brown in trade for Pence? That remains to be a good question. The Astros know what kind of player Pence is, and the Astros team has acquired a few of the ex-Phillies that are still on that team. Who knows Domonic Brown on the Astros could give the team some of his raw talents and with some time he could become a superstar in his own right. 


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  1. I'd trade Brown in a heartbeat for Pence. Brown is toxic in the outfield. He could not catch a cold out there. When grounders go to him I hold my breath. I am so sick of the Dom Brown chorus. Get Pence now.