Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phils handle Padres in heat on 1980's Night at Citizens Bank Park

  The Heat in CBP was 145 degrees at the seats says Channel 6 WPVI

The local news in Philly had it’s handheld thermometers going at the ballpark yesterday afternoon as the fans started to arrrive for the 7:05 PM match between the Phillies and the Padres. It was a very hot day in Philly yesterday, the air temperature reached 105 in the city, and it was just a terribly hot day all around the area. The surprising thing was that the thermometer that the news services had could take surface temperatures of certain objects, and the surface temperature at some seats reached 145 degrees, that’s downright horrible.

The good news is that the Phillies won last night and picked up their 62nd win of the season by a score of 3-1. Cole Hamels also picked up his 12th win on the year, and it leads the NL as of last night. Cole deserved the victory and it was great to see some offense for him last night. (C.C. Sabathia leads the MLB with 14 wins as of 7/22)

The Elias sports Bureau had this to say about Hamels pitching:

From Elias: Cole Hamels fanned 10 Padres batters in his 3-1 victory on Friday night, marking the second time this season and the 18th time in his big-league career that he has recorded double-digit strikeouts in one game. With that total, he moved past Chris Short, who had 17 such games, and now has the second-most 10-K games of any left-hander in Phillies history; all he needs is another 52 such games to tie Steve Carlton's team record (for lefties or righties) of 70.

Now that it is toward the end of July, we start to think win totals and how many we might see a Phillies pitcher have. Hamels is the youngest of the Phillies ‘aces’ that they have on the team. Hamels is still only 27 years old and is projected by to have 20 wins on the season this year. We’ll see what happens. Incidentally, the other two aces that are healthy are predicted to do well too: Halladay 18 wins and Lee 15 wins.

If you’re going to the ballpark this afternoon (4:10 PM start) or Sunday, please remember to bring some water with you, and stay hydrated in the hot sun. In fact, if your seats are in the direct sunlight, get up and move around and seek shelter from the sun several times during the game.

Bringing back the 1980's last night at the ballpark in Philly in the popular Phillies 80's night -

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