Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pence sad to leave Houston but thankful to come to Philadelphia

Hunter Pence didn't want to bail out on his teammates in Houston, as he said last night after learning that he was traded to the Phillies. He acknowledged that he also had no choice in the matter and was really happy to be heading to Philly to start a new chapter in his baseball career. Pence will wear the number 3 jersey in Philly and will give the Phils a power, right handed bat in the lineup.

His trade to Philly really got the Phillies fans buzzing at the ballpark as it was officially announced that Pence was a Phillies player right around the time that the fireworks show started at the ballpark after the game against the Pirates. Talk about an awesome way to learn that Pence was officially a Phillie. This is indeed the Golden Era for the Phillies, there has never been a time that the Phillies have been so willing to sign and acquire free agents that will help this team toward winning another championship. Enjoy it, I can't imagine a time when it will be too much better than this!

The Phillies dealt two of the 'top prospects', that is a very loose term thrown around baseball and it means very little. That term means that a player may become good in the big leagues, we've seen a lot of those type players in the big leagues over the years and when they get called up to the majors, they can't live up to the hype. Will the Phillies minor leaguers, Jonathan Singleton and Jarred Cosart, that the Phillies traded off for Pence be good? You never know and that is just it. Some players that aren't as highly regarded are the ones that blossom into the big stars. This is why I don't think the Phillies overpaid at all for Pence. You're getting a proven all-star caliber player with solid numbers matched up against the unknown future production of a few minor leaguers. 


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  1. I'd say most of us at the game had heard it already with the TV screens around the park and people checking smartphones where telling everyone in the sections.