Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nationals handle American League in 2011 All-Star Game







The hoopla is over, it’s going be the National League who has home field advantage in the World Series in 2011, courtesy of the win last night in Arizona. Pitching virtually shutdown the American League for most of the night, even though the AL did strike first with a home run off of a Phillies pitcher, Cliff Lee. Adrian Gonzalez went deep off of a Cliff Lee pitch in the 4th inning, but all in all both Lee and the NL Starter, Roy Halladay pitched well in the midsummer classic.


The Nationals runs came just after the AL took the lead, Prince Fielder hit a 3 run HR off of the Texas Rangers pitcher, CJ Wilson. The rest of the way, the NL added a couple more runs and won this one by a score of 5-1. Fielder took the MVP award for the game also.


Entertaining game even though Polly and Shane watched from the dugout

The game was entertaining and of course packed with some of the best players in baseball. The cameras captured a jubilant Shane Victorino in the dugout having a great time despite not being able to play in this game due to injury. Placido Polanco was there too, but of course couldn’t play either due to injury.



Trade deadline looms now that the All-Star game is history

It’s now only a couple of short weeks to the trade deadline, and the story shifts from the All-Star Game to the hot stove in a blink of an eye. The first move was made just after the ASG last night, it was announced that the Mets have dealt Francisco Rodriguez in the first of what could be many moves made the the MLB teams looking to deal or acquire in the next two weeks.


The Phillies don’t have to make any moves in this trade deadline period. They have a team that can win it all, and I think they stay with it. The Phillies have the best record in baseball, and it shows. There is no reason to change a good thing, but stranger things have happened so we’ll just have to wait and see for sure.


NO need to fix something that isn’t broken

There were many writers who have written columns on how to ‘fix’ the All-Star Game or make it more entertaining. I don’t think the game needs to be tinkered with at all, it’s just the best players getting together to play a baseball game that celebrates the best in baseball. It’s not anything else. Sure there will be some players who didn’t go to the game or weren’t included in the festivities that should have possibly, but that is the way it is, the voting for this is by the fans who pay for tickets. Most of the time these fans get things right. If you change anything about this way of voting the players into the game, it becomes a bit of ‘arm chair gm’ type of situation. Who would get to decide and it becomes more political. I think the game is best as it is.

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