Friday, July 29, 2011

Loss to Giants turns the heat up on Phillies for weekend facing the Pirates


Phillies heat cartoon

  The heat settles back into Philly for the weekend, be prepared!

thanks to Gary from 7th Inning Sketch for the cartoon


  The series loss to the San Francisco Giants was not how the Phillies wanted to start their weekend. From the start of the game against the Giant pitcher, Tim Lincecum, the Phillies just lacked that offensive pop that we’ve seen from them so much lately. The hitters on the Phillies couldn’t get started, and basically were shut down by the tough pitching of Lincecum. The 4-1 loss brings the curtains down on this series with the Giants until these two teams meet again out in San Francisco next week.


Another bit of bad news for the Phillies is that the oppressive heat is coming back to Philadelphia and today is when it starts. The Pittsburgh Pirates come to town for 3 games after they faced the tough Atlanta Braves down in Atlanta for 4 games, which they split with the Braves. The Pirates are a team that has found their groove. They’ve soared up toward the top of the NL Central and they seem like they have renewed interest in making a run at the division for now. The Pirates are now 5 games over .500 and left Atlanta with a win.


The press had a field day with the Giants acquisition of Carlos Beltran. That is an interesting thing about the baseball press, certain writers can jump on a bandwagon as quick as lightning as they have already proclaimed that the Beltran signing is a big success upon the first Giants win over the Phillies. A week from now when Beltran is 3-30 at the plate, they’ll jump off the wagon and make it sound like they were never on it. One thing is certain though, Beltran does add a bit of experience to the position, and he appears to be healthy. Maybe the Giants will get a lot more from him than the Mets ever did. Beltran’s career with the Mets had to be one of the most disappointing signings in mega-million dollar ballplayer history.


The trade deadline is ticking away, only 2 days and it’s all over. Hunter Pence remains the most pursued player by the Phillies. Will the Astros deal him? More teams than the Phillies are interested in him so we’ll have to see what happens. The Phillies could not make any moves and be fine, but with performances like last night they will not be alright. A team is not going to go out there and mow a team like the Giants down in three straight, but the Phillies showed their vulnerable side last night and couldn’t produce a win at home. 

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